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Continue reading to discover whatthe Unibind XU-238 binding machine

Also, this is not a good binding method if you need yourdocuments to be able to wrap around as they would if they were boundwith plastic combs or wire. Users who need to bind documents that arethicker than 36 mm (approximately 1. The machine’s binding cycle only lasts a minute, so you can binda lot of documents in a short amount of time. Despite its drawbacks, the Unibind XU238 is really a top-notch bindingmachine that makes it a breeze to quickly produce elegant-lookingbooklets.Plus, you can also use traditional thermal binding supplies.5 inches wide), need to go for adifferent binding method because Unibind doesn’t manufacture spines anythicker than that. To use theUnibind XU238, all you need to do is place your pages in a bindingspine or cover and then place the whole thing on the machine. You are also somewhat limited in the length of yourdocuments because Unibind machines can only bind items Computerized Socks Knitting Machine that are 11 or8. One of these is the width ofdocuments you can bind. The XU238will recognize the document, turn itself on and flash a green light tolet you know when the binding cycle is complete. If you need a binding solution for your office and you want amachine that is easy to use, you should really check out the XU238.5 inches long. The machine’s binding capacity is 36millimeters (about 340 pages) and you can bind up to 72 millimeters atonce, which means you can bind two 36 mm books or a bunch of smallerones. However,since said supplies lack the steel spines found in Unibind materials,you’ll need to trick the machine into thinking the thermal spine hassteel in it. The Unibind XU238 bindingmachine is one of the company’s cheaper binding machines (it retailsfor approximately $800. That machine only has one heater and cooling unit, whereasthe XU238 has two. You can also use UnibindPhotobook covers so you can create your own photobooks or photo albums. It is really veryeasy. The Unibind XU238 gives you the opportunity to bind your documentsusing a variety of different covers and spines. With this machine, you have the option of using a variety of differentbinding materials, including Steelback and Steelbook spines, as well asUnibind’s SteelMat and SteelCrystal covers. And because the Unibind spines have steel in them,they’re nearly impossible to trim down, unlike, say, a plastic bindingcomb. The Unibind XU238 is a step up from the company’s entry-level machine,the XU138. Article Tags: Unibind Xu238 Binding, Xu238 Binding Machine, Unibind Xu238, Xu238 Binding, Binding Machine, Binding Machines . This means you can bind more documents at once,which can save you a lot of time. When you use thismachine, you will end up with a perfect bound document that canresemble a perfect bound document or a hardcover book. Just place a Unibindspine next to your document and the machine will get to work. The Unibind systemeliminates the need for punching your documents, making the bindingprocess essentially a one-step affair. If having documents that can do that isimportant to you, you’ll need to choose a punch and bind system, suchas spiral binding.Unibind binding machines are some of theeasiest machines you can use to bind your documents. Indeed, this is one ofthe fastest binding machines you can buy, so if time is of the essencefor you, a Unibind machine would be a great choice. That said, the XU238 has some drawbacks. Continue reading to discover whatthe Unibind XU-238 binding machine can do for you and your office. Luckily, this is also easy to do.00) and it offers versatility and theopportunity to be more productive.

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