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Realize you should have done from the beginning

This method produces a speech that is so good, and that fits your personality like a glove, that you are confident you can deliver it perfectly.

An hour passes and the paper or computer screen is still blank, then thankfully you realize that you have more urgent matters to attend to, such as making a coffee or checking those text messages or emails, again. You have a mild panic attack as you visualize your wedding guests shuffling in their seats and muttering unpleasantries about your amateurish attempts at a groom’s speech. You ve wasted hours and achieved nothing so you decide to call it a day.You start off with the very best of intentions, a few minutes work and you will soon transform that blank piece of paper or computer screen into an award winning groom’s wedding speech. It is the biggest day of your life after all.

There is no way that you can see yourself giving a speech as poor as this, and this lack of belief and confidence in the speech will affect your delivery. A job well done!

Sometime later you begin to realize that the speech isn’t going to write itself, and so you repeat the process all over again. So that is what Glove Knitting Machine you set out to do. You know that your wedding guests will surely notice, and the bride and new in laws can’t fail to be suitably impressed. Then reality sinks in, you can’t think of a good opening line, you don’t know what you are expected to say, where do you draw the line at thanking people, how can you introduce humor without offending anyone, what is the best way to end the speech, etc, etc. Eventually you decide that you need to break the cycle and try a different tactic, such as searching the internet for some sample groom speeches.

Another hour or two pass by before you realize that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all, your searches throw up many dead ends, and the few sample groom speeches you do find are dated, clich’ ridden, and corny.

You decide to invest in a book written by a professional author and public speaker, this way you can be guaranteed to get quality sample grooms speeches, and also tips on exactly how to personalize the speeches and how to deliver them correctly to gain the maximum impact.

After wasting a lot of time to get this far you eventually realize that the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ may be true after all, and you decide that you want your groom’s speech to be better than this.

You then realize that you should have done this from the beginning. Instead of wasting all of that time chasing after poor quality speeches you now have a unique speech that suits both your personality and your comfort zone, and the monetary cost investment has been miniscule compared to the time cost in pursuing the cheaper ‘free’ way.

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