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The Fastbreak is not ideal for production environments because of its volume capacity

This creates a neat and tidy score that will improve the look Glove Knitting Machine of your document upon folding. Construction: The Powis Parker Fastbreak is made with a heavy-duty metal base and guides. In addition, it can be somewhat difficult to adjust the guides to the correct settings. The Fastbreak's rubber handle is also durable and very convenient and easy to use. Though the machine is great for simple scoring, since it is a manual, rather than electric machine, it has a tendency to be slow for larger volume production jobs. Don't pass up this great scoring machine if it matches your needs. It's a great machine at an equally great value! Article Tags: Powis Parker Fastback, Parker Fastback Scoring, Fastback Scoring Machine, Powis Parker Fastbreak, Fastbreak Scoring Machine, Powis Parker, Parker Fastback, Fastback Scoring, Scoring Machine, Parker Fastbreak, Fastbreak Scoring . It requires only that you place your document on the machine and pull the handle. That being said, however, the Fastbreak works great for creating your own custom printed thermal binding covers and other specialty tasks. It is not a very good selection for books or documents that fall outside of the normal range, including oversized, or undersized documents. The Powis Parker Fastbreak scoring machine is very easy to use. Features: The Powis Parker Fastbreak is a scoring machine that uses compression and will provide a clean, clear score which, unlike many scoring machines, prevents laser printed inks from cracking and flaking. This great tool allows for front and back covers to easily open for the lay-flat bind you need for your projects. This is an extremely helpful feature for those who are looking for high quality, consistent square creases - every time. This scoring machine is primarily designed for use with letter-sized documents, which can include a portrait or landscape orientation. This is the kind of scoring machine that meets the needs of many small to medium-sized operations that need a professional fold and an overall great look for their critical documents and other materials. Using and adjusting the guides does get easier with practice, but it does take time to master the task. The Fastback scoring machine can create a one-piece wraparound cover with a boxed spine in one easy motion. Recommendation: The Powis Parker Fastbreak scoring machine is one of the best manual machines on the market and is highly recommended for short run perfect binding. In addition, the Fastback is aesthetically pleasing, available in a variety of fashionable colors to match your other Powis Parker Fastback binding equipment - a rare feature in binding equipment. A single scoring knife can also be purchased separately, to help in this capacity, as well. In addition, the clear plastic shield included on the machine will allow you to see alignment marks on your documents, while you are scoring, for the most precise score possible With all of these features and durable, functional parts, the Powis Parker Fastbreak is among the strongest-constructed scoring machines available, particularly at the price point for which it is offered. Finally, the sizes and stocks that the machine can work with are somewhat limited. Powis Parker creates well-constructed equipment and the Fastbreak is no exception. Limitations: The Fastbreak scoring machine is a solid product that can be a great help for your scoring needs, but even great products sometimes have limitations and the Fastbreak is no exceptions. Creating documents that are professional-looking and functional is a key goal of most organizations and the Fastbreak gives you the look you need to achieve this goal in a variety of situations. The Fastbreak scoring machine also includes a double scoring knife as part of your order. These types of companies could be better served with a larger, electric machine. The Fastbreak also includes convenient set-up guides. These guides are excellent for producing covers that have different sized spines. The Fastbreak is not ideal for production environments because of its volume capacity. This makes the scoring machine strong and durable, and it can withstand a great deal of wear.The Powis Parker Fastback Scoring machine is the perfect tool to put creases in covers for short run folding or perfect binding in a variety of binding situations.

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